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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.


 Ban/Punishment rules

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Ban/Punishment rules Empty
PostSubject: Ban/Punishment rules   Ban/Punishment rules I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2011 6:24 am

Since we have 2 seperate forums here I hope you will refrain from posting in the wrong one... We have APPEALS for if you GOT banned and BAN REQUESTS for ofcourse REQUESTING investigation in players.

Ban requests

As mentioned if you catch anyone cheating/hacking/glitching and all this kind of crap please try to make screenshots/movies whatever you can. If you got evidence and haven't been able to contact a GM in the game you can post your evidence on the forum for requesting a player to be banned.


  • General rules apply (no rudeness)
  • Do not bump topics, we might keep investigation secret if the proof is not enough
  • Do not falsely accuse a person because he kicked your ass

Whenever a person gets accused a GM will investigate this player and might contact you ingame. If your claims are correct the person will get banned. According to all rules you should atleast make a nice backed up case against a player.

Guidelines for posting ban requests are the following

Forum title:

If you have proof: Ban request playername
If you do not have proof: Investigation request playername

Atleast try to mention if not in the title then on top of the post if you request an investigation or a ban. If you have proof your case will be handled much faster.


Your name: (INGAME NAMES + race example)

Accused player name: the NAME of the player
Accused player race: The Race of the player
Reason: Tell us the reason here
Backup: Insert the information you have to back up your case here

Screenshots/movies are worth a lot to back up your case.
If you suspect a player from hacking you can still request an investigation but if you just do this to trouble the other player we might negate your future requests

Title of the topic: Ban request ImAhacker

My names: Iriya-Elyos, Koyomi-Elyos
Accused player name: ImAhacker
Race hacker: Asmodian
Reason: Speed hack
Backup: ...

So before you post a request make sure to check up your own facts

Ban appeal

People who got themselves banned for not following the rules in this topic should already know they shouldn't appeal their ban as they have been violating these rules.

Even though people are not 100% perfect we take very much care of issues here. If you have been caught violating the rules and there was plenty of proof to put your ass in prison and afterwards ban you then you should know already that you've done something wrong.

Sometimes however even we might make a mistake and you end up banned without reason... That's why you are allowed to appeal your ban. There are a few rules though

  • General rules apply (no rudeness)
  • Do not post multiple ban appeals for the same char/account/ip (we might ban all your accounts if you got multiple)
  • Do not appeal at all if you know you are banned for legit reasons
  • Don't share your account cause if your friend gots you banned than so be it

In case you don't fall under the rules up here then you should try for an appeal

How to appeal is simple. Just make the topic rule something like
Ban appeal: Ingame charname


Your name: (INGAME NAMES + race)
Your level:

Reason: Tell us the reason here why you think you got banned

Appeal: Post in why you think this was incorrect

Backup: Insert the information you have to back up your case here (Screens/vids)

A high member will then check if you are indeed a legit member and might allow you to get unbanned. Know though that you can only APPEAL ONCE for the same issue... Making multiple just ends up in more work for the high members and you'll be negated anyway. In case of mistakes in your posts USE YOUR EDIT BUTTON.

Topics will be locked after the result has been told and there is no need to push the issue any further

I hope these rules are fairly clear and that you will follow the laws of this server

Enjoy your playtime

Updated by Iriya (13th April 2011)
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Ban/Punishment rules
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