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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.


 Admin Commands

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PostSubject: Admin Commands   Admin Commands I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 6:32 pm

Admin Commands:

Rename named player to new specified valid name
//rename <player name> <new name>

Passkey Reset

Send fakeserverpackets to the server for test purposes USED BY DEVS

Send packets to server for test purposes USED BY DEVS

Who is allowed to handle petitions

Give admin rights to player
//promote <rank value>
Reload all command

Reload all spawn data from files

Revoke Admin rights to player

Save all spawn data to files

Prints Zone info

HTML Commands


AI-related tasks

Quest steps control (Bigboss/Boss)

Restart quest (player) default = 3 (turned off)


Add item(s) to player inventory
//add <player name> <item ID> <#qty>

Add item/armor set(s) to player inventory
//addset <player name> <item ID>

Add drop entry
//adddrop <drop ID/item ID>

Add Kinah to self or target/named player
//kinah <player name> <amt> (no higher than 1 bil)

Give missing skills to self

Add skill to player
//addskill <skill ID> <Skill lvl (no higher than 10)> (on targeted player)

Add a Title to player
//addtitle <title ID> <player name>

Enchant player gear

Socket player gear

PowerUp command

Godstone command

Remove item(s) from player
//remove <player name> <item ID>

Remove all Buffs on player

Remove all buff effect of the player

Dye a player
//dye <html color code or COLOR> (on selected target)

Restore target HP/MP/DP
//heal (on selected target)

Print target info
//info (on selected target)

Become Invisible/Visible
//invis (type //invis again to become visible)

Become Immortal/a God
//invul (type //invul to become mortal/vulnerable)

See players in Hide I/II and Shadow Walk mode

Kill target
//kill (on selected target)

Ressurrect a targeted player/self
//rez (to rez urself make sure chat mode is set to Group/Legion/Alliance)

Legion command to disband/setlevel/setpoints of a legion
//legion <disband | setlevel | setpoints> <legion name> <value>

Morph command
//morph <npc/mob ID>

Appear neutral to both factions/races

Make yourself appear as enemy to both factions and/or npcs

Appearance command

Player Info

Speak as Player or NPC

Set target player AP
//setap <amountt>

Set target player class
//setclass <class ID>

Set target player experience amount
//setexp <amount>

Set Title to player
//settitle <title ID> <player name>

Modify current siege values

Set Speed of self
//speed <value between 1-500> (switch/equip/unequip weapons to return to normal speed)

Show game stats of selected target

Show player info


Show connected players from both factions when opening research window

View how many players are online

View how many players are online and nicks

View online GM's


Discconect/Kick the player
//kick (targted player)

Prison Command
//prison <name> <duration>

Unstick/Unstuck Player
//unstuck <player name>

All Ban and Unban commands


Spawn mob
//spawn (mob ID)

Delete spawned mob
//deletespawn <selected target> (only removes the spawn temporarily til next respawn)

Unload spawn so it will not spawn again
//unloadspawn <selected target>

Delete Extra Spawned mob from Respawning
//delete <selected target>

Fix Z Coordinates of mob

Mannage Dregion instance

Spawn a Fly Ring to regen flight


Announce to Everyone on Server
//announce <annonymous/name> <message>

Announce to Faction (Asmo/Elyos)
//announce_faction <asmo/elyos> <message>


The Notice message is sent to all players in chatbox and center screen
//notice <message>

Gag and Ungag

Set player to whisperable/not whisperable
//silence <player name>

Ban/Unban players from .world/.ely/.asmo channels
//worldban <player name>


Bookmark command


Telport to Specified Zone
//goto <zone> (exp: //goto Poeta)

Move player-1 to player-2 location
//moveplayertoplayer <player-1> <player-2>

Teleport to specified XYZ Coordianates
//moveto <XYZ Coords> (exp: 1000.1 1000.1 1000.1)

Teleport to specified NPC
//movetonpc <NPC ID>

Move player to my position
//movetome <player name>

Teleport to player position
//movetoplayer <player name>


Configures properties on runtime

Watch Cutscenes. Used by quest writers
//movie <movie ID>

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Join date : 2011-03-10

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Commands   Admin Commands I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 3:00 am

Updated List:

Admin Command List:

//promote <characterName> <rolemask>
give admin rights to player
PS: rolemask = 1,2,or 3 to full admin.

//revoke characterName
revoke admin rights to player

//add <player> <item ID> <quantity>
Adds an item to player inventory

//remove <player> <item ID> <quantity>
Adds an item from player inventory

//addset <player> <itemset ID>
Adds an item set to player inventory

//addskill <skillId> <skillLevel>
Adds a skill to your target player

Will recursively check all missing player skills and add them to him

//addtitle <title_id> <playerName>
Adds a title to your target player

//announce <message>
the message is sent to all players chatbox

//announcefaction <ely | asmo> <message>
the message is sent to all players from the specified race on the chatbox

//announcements list
Obtain all announcements in the database.

//announcements add <faction: ELYOS | ASMODIANS | ALL> <type: NORMAL | ANNOUNCE | ORANGE | YELLOW | SHOUT> <delay in seconds> <message>
Add an announcements into the database.

//announcements delete <id>
ps: see //announcements list to find all ids
Delete an announcements from the database.

//notice <message>
the message is sent to all players chatbox and a message appear in center screen

//info <target>
show target object infos

//playerinfo <playername> <loc | item | group | skill | legion>
show target player parameter infos

//set level <level>
Sets target player level
PS: max level 50

//set exp <value>
Set target player experience amount

//set title <title_id>
Set target player title

//set ap <amount>
Set target player abyss points amount

Complete Title ID List:

id=1 Poeta's Protector
id=2 Verteron's Warrior
id=3 Bottled Lightning
id=4 Tree-Hugger
id=5 Krall Hunter
id=6 Straw for Brains
id=7 Animal Lover
id=8 Fluent in Krall
id=9 Patient
id=10 Mabangtah's Envoy
id=11 Demolitions Expert
id=12 Eltnen's Hero
id=13 Klaw Hunter
id=14 Aerialist
id=15 Kobold Chef
id=16 Respects the Fallen
id=17 Eulogist
id=18 Love Cynic
id=19 Anti-Counterfeiter
id=20 Savior of Eiron Forest
id=21 Honorary Meniherk Union Member
id=22 Lonely Bounty Hunter
id=23 Recognized by Arbolu
id=24 Chief Investigator
id=25 Defeater of the Indratu Legion
id=26 Belbua's Benefactor
id=27 Poor Camouflage Master
id=28 Experienced Fisher
id=29 Excellent Spy
id=30 Fluent in Balaur
id=31 Tough
id=32 Battle-Hardened
id=33 Invincible
id=34 Heroic
id=35 Pirate Busting
id=36 Top Expert
id=37 Miragent Holy Templar
id=38 Adept DP Manipulator
id=39 Daeva in White
id=40 Owner of the Dragon Sword
id=41 Honorary Black Cloud
id=42 Krall Slaughterer
id=43 Gatekeeper Hunter
id=44 Obstinate Herdsman
id=45 Gullible
id=46 Azoturan Destroyer
id=47 Project Drakanhammer Researcher
id=48 Homuron Knights
id=49 The One who Confronted Fate
id=50 Savior of Future
id=51 Raider Hero
id=52 Treasure Hunter
id=53 Mosbear Slayer
id=54 Fluent in Mau
id=55 Kind
id=56 Legendary Hunter
id=57 Protector of Altgard
id=58 Tayga Slayer
id=59 Courageous Destructor
id=60 Protector of Morheim
id=61 Shugo Chef
id=62 Energized after eating Millennium Ginseng
id=63 Honorary Kidorun
id=64 Champion of the Elderly
id=65 Friend of Kong and Pat
id=66 Silver Mane Benefactor
id=67 Postal
id=68 Slayer of Mabangtah
id=69 Tenacious
id=70 Fast, Exact, and Reliable
id=71 Unyielding Pioneer
id=72 Protector of Brusthonin
id=73 Cheated by Sleipnir
id=74 Beluslan's Hero
id=75 Hunter of the Snowfield
id=76 Savior of Besfer Villagers
id=77 Sweeper of Mt. Musphel
id=78 Ancient Book Collector
id=79 All the Way to Elysea for Nothing i
id=80 Fluent in Balaur
id=81 Tough
id=82 Battle-Hardened
id=83 Invincible
id=84 Heroic
id=85 Steel Rake Demolisher
id=86 Top Expert
id=87 Fenris's Fang
id=88 DP Test Passing
id=89 Light on the Battlefield
id=90 Owner of Agrif's Rage
id=91 Wheeler-Dealer
id=92 Poking into Everything
id=93 Gatekeeper Stabber
id=94 True Friend of Silver Mane
id=95 Born Merchant
id=96 Marked One
id=97 Expert Vengeful Spirit Consoler
id=98 Pirate of the Carobian
id=99 The One who Changed Destiny
id=100 Future Traveling
id=101 Settler of Aion
id=102 As You Wish
id=103 Adept of Aion
id=104 Shining Intellectual
id=105 Sage of Aion
id=106 Very Generous

//set class <class_id>
Set target player class

Class ID's:

Warrior - 0
Gladiator - 1
Templar - 2

Scout - 3
Assassin - 4
Ranger - 5

Mage - 6
Sorcerer - 7
Spirit Master - 8

Priest - 9
Cleric - 10
Chanter - 11

switch you char to invisible or visible

switch you char to invulnerable or vulnerable

//speed <speed>
adds speed value to you (%)
PS: Value from 100-200

//heal <target player>
fully restore hp/mp/dp of target player

//kill <playername>
kills the named player

//rez <instant> or <prompt>
ressurect target player instantly or delayed.

//kick <playername>
disconnect the named player

//sprison <playername> <delay>
send player to prison

//rprison <playername> <delay>
return player from prison

moves you to bind point

//moveplayertoplayer <player1> <player2>
move player1 to player2 location

//movetome <player>
move player to my position

//movetoplayer <player>
teleports you to player position

//movetonpc <npcID>
teleports you to npc position

//moveto < X Y Z>
teleport to specified XYZ coordinates

complete list of location coordinates to be used with //moveto comand:

* Sanctum - //moveto 110010000 1532 1511 565
* Poeta - //moveto 210010000 526 1461 106
* Verteron - //moveto 210030000 1339 2195 143
* Eltnen - //moveto 210020000 1487 1466 300
* Theobomos - //moveto 210060000 1400 1550 31
* Interdiktah - //moveto 210040000 1508 1568 112
* Pandaemonium - //moveto 120010000 1268 1428 208
* Ishalgen (Asmodian Starting Zone) - //moveto 220010000 850 2218 267
* Altgard - //moveto 220030000 1781 1930 261
* Morheim - //moveto 220020000 872 2180 337
* Brusthonin - //moveto 220050000 2428 2298 13
* Beluslan - //moveto 220040000 1967 2533 590
* Ereshuranta (Abyss) - //moveto 400010000 1365 1177 1516
* No Zone Name - //moveto 300010000 225 276 206
* Karamatis - //moveto 310010000 225 276 206
* Karamatis (not sure why there are two of these) - //moveto 310020000 225 276 206
* Aerdina (Abyss Gate) - //moveto 310030000 269 173 204
* Geranaia (Abyss Gate) - //moveto 310040000 269 173 204
* Lepharist (Bio Experiment Lab) - //moveto 310050000 191 324 125
* Fragment of Darkness - //moveto 310060000 1618 782 1188
* Fragment of Darkness (not sure why there are two of these) - //moveto 310070000 83 238 1222
* Sanctum Underground Arena - //moveto 310080000 276 185 162
* Indratu (Castle Indratu) - //moveto 310090000 560 335 1016
* Azoturan (Castle Lehpar) - //moveto 310100000 359 410 1537
* Narsass - //moveto 320010000 225 276 206
* Narsass (not sure why there are two of these) - //moveto 320020000 225 276 206
* Bregirun (Abyss Gate) - //moveto 320030000 269 175 204
* Nidalber (Abyss Gate) - //moveto 320040000 269 175 204
* Inside of the Sky Temple of Arkanis 320050000 128 133 575
* Space of Oblivion - //moveto 320060000 1709 807 1226
* Space of Destiny - //moveto 320070000 256 252 126
* Draupnir - //moveto 320080000 493 600 513 (central control room)
* Draupnir - //moveto 320080000 762 431 321 (beritra oracle chamber)
* Triniel Underground Arena - //moveto 320090000 276 183 162
* Fire Temple - //moveto 320100000 148 455 142
* Alquimia - //moveto 320110000 545 527 200
* Secret Prison - //moveto 320120000 454 553 225
* Player Prison 1- //moveto 510010000 229 257 50
* Player Prison 2- //moveto 520010000 229 257 50
* Test Basic - //moveto 900020000 151 135 20
* Test Server - //moveto 900030000 403 254 50
* Test Giant Monster - //moveto 900100000 245 323 20

//goto <place name>
teleport youself to specified place name
example: //goto poeta

complete list of location names to be used with //goto comand:





//bk <add|del|tele|list> <bookmark name>
Manage bookmark teleport locations

//legion disband <legionname>
//legion setlevel <legionname> <level>
//legion setpoints <legionname> <contributionpoints>
//legion setname <legionname> <newlegionname>
all self explanatory

//spawn <npc_id>
spawn npc template id

//delete <target npc>
delete spawned npc id

save all spawn data to files

reload all spawn data from files

//adddrop <mobid> <itemid> <min> <max> <chance> <quest>
add items to npc droplist

prints your current zone

//reload skill
self explanatory

//reload quest
self explanatory

//quest <start|delete|step|info|vars> <quest_id>
for developers use only to test quests

//sys <info> | <memory> | <gc> | <restart> | <shutdown>

//sys info
show basic server host informations
//sys memory
shows host memory informations
//sys gc
show garbage collector informations
//sys restart <countdown time in seconds> <announce delay in seconds>
restart the server in given time
//sys shutdown <countdown time in seconds> <announce delay in seconds>
restart the server in given time

//ai <info|event|state>
for developers use only

//weather <location> <0 - 8>
//weather poeta 0 -> to set clear sky in this region
//weather reset -> to change randomly all weathers in the world
Syntax uses same location definitions as it does on the //goto command.

//fsc <opcode> <packet structure> <values>
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Admin Commands
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