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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.


 Aion : Player Housing in v3.0

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PostSubject: Aion : Player Housing in v3.0   Aion : Player Housing in v3.0 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 11:27 am

The Aion Online North American forum has a new post detailing player housing that is expected to launch with patch v3.0. Included in the post are a few details about housing and a ton of great screenshots to show off the look.

General Information:

Housing is available for characters level 21+
A "basic" house is acquired through questing, but you can upgrade through other means later.
Housing features include mailbox, furniture, interior decor (picture frames, mirrors, plants, etc), wardrobes (OMG), community interaction stuff, and a .. toilet o_o Yeah.
There will be plots of land for auction in certain areas (limited).
There are housing maintenance costs.
There will be new crafting skills to make furniture.

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Aion : Player Housing in v3.0
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