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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.

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 [5/2/2011] A very big update!

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PostSubject: [5/2/2011] A very big update!   Mon May 02, 2011 6:39 pm



  • New Trailer is out! The Perfect Aion team finally was able to finish the new and epic trailer! Enjoy!
  • Change the banner for website.
  • Fixed statistics page. Cosemetic change, it is easier to see all the data.
  • Fixed database page. Now chart shows properly. Cosemtic change.
  • Fixed Top 50 page to show level and location properly.
  • Implemented a new logging system to show players there transaction history! It is located in the vote shop!


  • Changed banner for forums.
  • Updated forums update thread to be more readable and more organized.


  • Fixed Telemachus Spawn
  • Add missing mobs (Crimsonbark)
  • Two guards at pandaemonium arena correctly spawned.
  • Fixed Lityerses spawn.
  • Fixed Telemachus Spawn
  • Fixed Crios Spawn
  • Fixed //set titles
  • Fixed //gag
  • Fixed Npc Stock
  • Fixed Panadaemonium Airship npc spawns.
  • Fixed Marchutan spawn.
  • Complete poeta drop list implemented.
  • Added new command //removecd
  • Fix looting drops from quest npcs.
  • Fixed small bug in alliance.
  • Fixed skills that says "Target is to far…" when used.
  • Fixed output coordinates of Rift from Heiron to Beluslan
  • Relocated/fixed portal "Hidden Escape Exit" in Steel Rake.
  • Added all effect in the Hit Mantra I
  • Fortress General Fixes - Now has skills and same faction cannont attack.
  • Configurable Duel Battle Length
  • Fixed summon rest vulnerability fix.
  • Weapon Mastery Fixed.
  • Reflector Effect Fixed.
  • [Quest] The seeds of hope script fixed.
  • [Quest] Crash of the Dredgion script fixed.
  • Begin implemintation of inggison campagin quests.
  • Fixed remove shock to work properly against Aether Hold

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[5/2/2011] A very big update!
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