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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.


 WTS lvl55 Templar

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PostSubject: WTS lvl55 Templar   WTS lvl55 Templar I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 27, 2011 2:54 pm

hello, everyone, i have an account put on sell, if you guys interested in, plz contact me. my msn:, ICQ:633-172-023, or come to www.3zoom.come. waiting your message. below is the description of the account, hope you like it.

lvl55 Templar,Weapons: 15 Lannok\'s Greatsword w/ Silence, 12 Lannok\'s Greatsword w/ Blind, 10 Stormwing\'s Greatsword w/ Silence, 10 Archon Brigade General\'s Greatsword, Master Drenium Greatsword, 15 Alukina\'s Scepter w/ Silence, 10 Horned Dragon Emperor\'s Mace w/ 10% 376 DMG, 10 Archon Tribunus\'s Warhammer w/ 1% 3760 DMG, 15 Elite Archon Tribunus\'s Shield, 10 Noble Coliseum Champion\'s Shield, Stormwing\'s Azure Scale Sword Stormwing\'s Shield Set. Armour: 15, 12 Elite Archon Tribunus\'s Plate Set (Block,Crit,Acc Set), 10 Archon Primus Pilus Chain Set (Mres Set), 2 Parts of Archon Brigade General Chain Set, Beshmundir Templar Set (HP Set), Fenris Plate Set(Attack Set). Jewels: All Archon Brigade General\'s Eternal PvP Jewels. Professions: Master Cooking, Expert Armorsmithing, Expert Aethertapping Essencetapping. Misc: 50m Kinah, All Class Stigmas purchased, All Campaign Quests done, 60 Platinum Medals, 70k Crucible Insignias, 3k Courage Insignias, Many Enchantment Stones L81-L89, Plastic Surgery Ticket, 2 Years Old Account Collector\'s Edition. Account Includes: L55 Gladiator w/ Commander Bakarma\'s Spear, L55 Sorcerer, L55 Ranger, L50 can contact our 24/7 Live Support for more questions!
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WTS lvl55 Templar
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