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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.

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 [6/2/2011] Huge Updates!!

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PostSubject: [6/2/2011] Huge Updates!!   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:10 am


Physical Server:


- Installed and mounted new hard drive mount.

- Fast hard drive now being used for server!

- Fixed some security issues on the physical server.

- Note: Fixing security will be on-going and we will try our best to keep all information secure!



- Adjusted Banner Size and compressed image a bit. Website should load a bit faster.

- Adjusted background image. Compressed image, website should load a bit faster.

- Updated serverinfo page.

- Adjusted page names. Downloads has been changed to media, and serverinfo has been changed to Server Information.

- Note : The website will be fixed systematically. If some webpages don't work or is inaccessible please report to forums and we will fix it as soon as possible.

- Added chat server status on homepage.

- Added and made new page. Fortress Status page. You can now see all statuses of the fortresses without going in-game to check. Note: Balurea support is coming soon!



- LFG System working 100%!!!!

- Fixed q1005 to play the correct cinematic

- Fixed q1170 - proper spawns and handler

- Added config option to disable the rdc server

- Added verteron quest 1198

- Fixed Triniel Arena & Coliseum

- Minor Npc Template Fix

- Minor Coordinates Fixes

- Added quest 20023, 20024, 20025, 21135.

- Attack Desire fix - mobs should attack and follow the target more properly without rubberbanding

- Stability fixes.

- Added quest q1198 and q1221 (Thanks to dimoalex)

- Fixed rewards for quest q3013

- Removed some duplicate entries for quests that are now handled by a handler
- Movement speed exploit fix (Thanks to ggadv2)

- Godstone message fix (Thanks to ghost)

- Fixed Block List

- Fixed GMs not affected by AOE while in neutral mode.

- Fixed duping through sending mail.

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[6/2/2011] Huge Updates!!
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