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As of now, we have no players whatsoever playing on our server! And it seems that no one has attempted to help populate and make this server great. Therefore I will be decommissioning the server until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, And I hope one day we can get this server back up and make it great.

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 How to fly

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Magus Ninja

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PostSubject: How to fly   Tue May 10, 2011 1:34 pm

Since some people have flight trouble... I decided to help you guys out a bit...

Some of the none flyzones are actually fly zones but you can only fly there when you modify some game files...

For making the flight work everywhere you need to do the following steps

1. Locate your AION game folder (You need to be in the MAIN folder)
2. Locate the file System.ovr in that folder (In case of windows turn your folder option to DETAIL VIEW)
3. Open System.ovr with notepad or something similar
4. Change whatever info is in it with the following

g_open_aion_web= "0"
g_save_preset = "1"
g_auto_disconnect = "0"
g_chatlog = "1"
log_IncludeTime = "1"
con_disable_console = "0"
g_freefly = "1"
ng_freefly = "1"

5. Launch the game (well do this when your game is turned off or reboot your game to get it in effect)

WARNING - There are 2 System files. DO NOT ADJUST System.CFG - WARNING

Not all of these points are needed but they actually will add some bonusses... Chatlog will for example create a huge log about all that got typed ingame to you as well as some extra's...

However if you just add the lowest 2

g_freefly = "1"
ng_freefly = "1"

to your current one you should be able to fly everywhere...

Enjoy your wings :p
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PostSubject: Re: How to fly   Tue May 10, 2011 2:44 pm

I'd like to add:

If you can't just spread your wings and fly in a particular zone such as eltnen or morheim, then fly straight up in the fortress and glide out of it - when you reach a spot you know your wings don't unfold tap space once to switch from glide mode to flight mode. =)
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How to fly
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